Ryuk Ransomware

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

First is the news related to Russian hackers infiltrating an email account of a British Member of Parliament to steal intelligence. According to the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, threat actors, probably funded by Kremlin, hacked the email account of Stewart McDonald via a spear-phishing act. The MP belonging to the Scottish National Party (SNP) […]

Artificial Intelligence blocks RYUK Ransomware invasion

France-based Dordogne Groupements Hospitaliers de Territoire (Dordogne GHT) has stopped RYUK Ransomware attack on its servers by using the AI propelled DarkTrace Threat monitoring and detection solution. DarkTrace offers Antigena, an autonomous response technology against cyber threats such as ransomware attacks. And in the year 2021, Dordongne GHT, a healthcare service provider from France, chose […]

Google Drive been used to spread RYUK Ransomware

Universal Health Services, University of Vermont Health Network, the Sky Lakes Medical Center in Oregon, St Lawrence Health System in New York, and the Dickinson County Healthcare System in Michigan and Wisconsin have all made it official that they have fallen prey to RYUK Ransomware.   And Prima Facie launched by the FBI revealed that […]

Russian hackers launch RYUK Ransomware attack on Durham North Carolina

Hackers from Russia are reported to have launched an RYUK ransomware attack on Durham North Carolina disrupting communication and computer services across the county. According to the Prima Facie launched by North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations, the said ransomware strain entered the network through phishing emails and could have been launched by a noted […]

Cyber Attack news this week

Microsoft issued a public statement a few hours ago stating that it stopped a potential Russian Linked Cyber attack on prevalent political parties in the United States. The technology giant said that attack was launched to target few of the US midterm election probables and was possibly launched by Fancy Bear- A hacking group being […]

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