RYUK Ransomware attack on servers of Port Lavaca City Hall

Russian hackers developed RYUK Ransomware is said to have hit the servers operating in the city of Port Lavaca disrupting almost all the critical servers of the City Hall. However, Mayor Jack Whitlow has assured that no data was compromised in the incident and the activity to re-build the data from backups was already going […]

New Bedford City in Massachusetts offers $400,000 Ransomware payment

A US city named New Bedford located in Massachusetts, US has reportedly become a victim of a ransomware attack in July this year. Although this incident happened almost two months ago, Jon Mitchell, the Mayor of New Bedford decided to reveal the details through a press conference on Wednesday this week. According to the media […]

RYUK Ransomware debuts in China

Hackers spreading RYUK Ransomware in the United States have now shifted their base to China. Well, this update was given by the Tencent Yujian Threat Intelligence Center which adds that the virus spreading gangs have already targeted 7 Logistics companies and 2 technology companies along with a few municipalities so far demanding 11 Bitcoins as […]

Ransomware attacks which will grab your attention in 2019

Ransomware attack has stood as a top malware threat in 2018 and is predicted to dominate as same in 2019. According to a study made by security researchers over 1,100 different ransomware infections are found to be preying on innocent web users in the current cyber landscape. So, Cybersecurity Insiders brings to you a list of […]

Ransomware attack disrupts Sunday Newspaper edition of The Watertown Daily Times

A ransomware attack which took place on The Watertown Daily Times is said to have encrypted the database of the media company on a partial note. Highly placed sources say that the malware attack led to the disruption of the Sunday and Monday edition of printing and distribution of the daily edition, but did not […]

Ransomware attack news of Jackson County n Columbia Surgical Specialists

Despite FBI’s warning that those attacked by ransomware should not bow down to the demands of hackers to free up their data from encryption, some of the IT specialists from Jackson County are reported to have gone against the decision by paying $400,000 to cybercriminals to free up a ransomware infection from their IT systems. […]

RYUK ransomware disrupts US Newspaper distribution

RYUK ransomware is said to have disrupted the US Newspaper distribution from California and Florida on Saturday last week. Thus, the cyber attack which appeared to have originated outside the United States is said to have led to a 4-hour delay in the distribution of news editions related to Times, the Tribune, the Sun and […]

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