SamSam Ransomware

Cyber Attack news for this week

UK’s largest electronics retailer Dixons Carphone has made an official announcement on Tuesday that around 10 million records containing personal data of its customers could have been obtained in a cyber attack in 2017- which is much higher than the earlier estimates. However, the UK based company which holds a retail network clarified that the […]

SamSam Ransomware attack turns into a financial burden on Atlanta City Council

Ransomware attack effects on Atlanta’s state government have been reported as much worse than it seemed at first glance. To start with, more than 30% apps-termed mission critical are yet to be brought online. Reuter’s reports that the city police have lost more than 10 years of dash cam footage in the attack as 6 […]

SamSam Ransomware attack costs $1.5 million to CDOT

Colorado Department of Transport which experienced a SamSam Ransomware attack in February this year has announced that it has recovered from the attack 80% but at an estimated cost of $1.5 million. The officials of the Colorado transport department also confirmed that at any point they haven’t caved into the demands of the ransomware attackers. […]

Ransomware Attack strikes CDOT for the second time!

SamSam Ransomware attack which struck the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) last week, has struck again on Thursday this week in a different form. The officials of the CDOT said that malware this time appears to be a new variant and is much more sophisticated than the previous SamSam Ransomware attack. “We had 20% of […]

SamSam Ransomware leads to shut down of 2k computers in Colorado

SamSam Ransomware is said to have hit the Colorado Department of Transportation(DoT) so badly that the state agency chose to the shut down over 2,000 computers on February 21st,2018. Officials at the Colorado DOT have confirmed that the shut down was a part of a plan to contain the ransomware from spreading from 21 infected […]

Allscripts is yet to recover from SamSam Ransomware Attack!

A new variant of Ransomware called ‘SamSam’ is seen striking the companies operating in West and the latest victim happens to be ‘AllScripts Healthcare Solutions’, which offers electronic health records services and practice management to physicians, hospitals and Paramedics working across America. The Chicago based company said that it is yet to recover from the […]

City of Farmington recovers from SamSam Ransomware Attack!

Farmington City, located in San Juan County in US State of New Mexico is said to have recovered from the SamSam Ransomware attack which struck on January 3rd,2018. However, according to the disclosure made by the US law enforcement FBI on Friday, the recovery is partial and is expected to take complete form by this […]

Hancock Memorial Hospital becomes a victim of Ransomware Attack

Hancock Regional Hospital located in Hancock County, Indiana has become the latest victim of SamSam Ransomware attack. The healthcare services provider announced on Sunday that a group of hackers has shut down their computer network by encrypting the database and are demanding a sum of $55,000 worth of cryptocurrency to decrypt the database. As of […]

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