UK to block all Social Media Scams

Starting May 2024, residents of the United Kingdom can breathe a sigh of relief, as social media platforms operating in the country have collectively committed to combating a range of scams on their respective networks. This includes everything from phishing schemes that gather sensitive data, to cryptocurrency scams propagated by fraudulent celebrity profiles encouraging followers […]

Eight 8 WhatsApp message links that you should never click on

Staying active on social media is a popular trend, and WhatsApp is one of the prominent platforms facilitating connections with both businesses and loved ones. However, security experts warn that, like any online service, this Facebook-owned subsidiary is susceptible to nefarious activities that can compromise users’ bank accounts and reputation. To safeguard WhatsApp users from […]

How social media scams are draining bank accounts of victims

From time to time, we encounter social media posts that tempt us to click on a link promising heavily discounted goods or a chance to win a lottery. Some individuals avoid such links, believing themselves to be too savvy to fall for online schemes. However, many still become victims of these social media scams, which […]

Beware of these 10 email phishing subject lines

Want to keep your PC or network safe from phishing attacks. Then beware of these 10 email phishing subject lines, as they can not only prove notorious (by spreading malware infection to PCs) but can be used to drain down your bank accounts. 1.)    Password check or change of password is required immediately2.)    A delivery […]

Here are the most common email phishing subject lines

In technical terms, email phishing is nothing but an attempt to obtain sensitive info such as usernames and passwords and credit card details by disguising an email link to be sent from a trustworthy entity in an electronic form. This includes links connecting to websites that distribute malware, that are nefarious, X-rated and which conduct […]

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