Cyber Attack on NHS Lanarkshire Scotland!

A malware attack has targeted NHS Lanarkshire in Scotland disrupting its work operations from 11 am yesterday. Initially, the officials of the NHS Lanarkshire thought to be a technical glitch. But later they confirmed that it was a cyber attack launched by some hackers or mischief creators. Calum Campbell, the Chief Executive of NHS Lanarkshire […]

Cyber Attack on Scotland Parliament!

Email Accounts of many parliamentarians of Scotland were targeted by hackers very recently. And as per the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, the attack was similar to the one which took place on UK’s Westminster in June this year which compromised over 90 accounts of London’s renowned political leaders and their respective staff. As a […]

Hackers Cyber Attack 60% of Scottish Firms!

Scotsman investigation has recently revealed that hackers have cyber attacked more than 60% of Scottish firms since 2014, and this includes nine Scotland’s health boards. The investigation made by the media giant confirmed that in the past three years nine universities and numerous government bodies were targeted by hackers with malware which includes ransomware. Freedom […]

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