The Public Sector’s Troubled Relationship to Ransomware in 2023: A Year in Review

By Ram Movva, CEO at Securin This past year showed us that the ransomware landscape is only getting increasingly sophisticated. This can be seen through ransomware attacks steadily increasing scale, frequency, cost and impact. In fact, 2023 broke the record in ransomware payouts, exceeding $1 billion globally; a stark increase from the $567 million in ransomware payouts […]

Navigating Ransomware: Securin’s Insights and Analysis from 2023

[By Ram Movva, CEO, Securin] As ransomware attackers continue to evolve and adapt their techniques, organizations must refine and adapt their security strategies to stay ahead of these threats.    Human-augmented, actionable threat intelligence plays a critical role in every organization’s strategy – and Securin’s 2023 retrospective on a year’s worth of ransomware threats and attack […]

Critical infrastructure in the crosshairs: Examining the threats facing service providers in the U.S.

[By Rahul Kannan, President and Chief Operating Officer, Securin] Critical infrastructure is facing a wave of cyberattacks, posing a severe threat to essential services across the United States and globally. The scale and frequency of these attacks have elevated defending infrastructure to a national priority, as emphasized by the White House’s National Cybersecurity Strategy. The urgency […]

The Top 4 Ransomware Vulnerabilities Putting your Company in Danger

By Aaron Sandeen, CEO and co-founder at Securin In 2023, you can divide organizations into two categories: those who have been hit by a ransomware attack and those who will be soon. Ransomware is ubiquitous, inescapable, and—despite widespread efforts to combat it—ever-escalating. It has caused the death of patients in critical condition, disrupted the Colonial […]

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