Iranian hackers to launch data destroying malware on Western countries

All these days hackers from Iran were seen indulging in activities such as DDoS attacks and espionage. But now, there is evidence that these hackers have decided to launch malware campaigns that are capable of destroying data on the servers being operated in Western countries. This includes data being stored on public and private entities […]

Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability linked to Iranian Hacking Group APT33 and APT34

US Cyber Command has issued a warning via Twitter on Tuesday stating vulnerability in Microsoft’s Outlook application which could be exploited by Iranian Hacking Groups APT33 and APT34 to launch cyber attacks on government agencies. The security alert states that hackers can bypass the regular security protocol to execute arbitrary commands on Windows OS running […]

Shamoon Malware behind Saipem Cyber Attack

Saipem, the Italian oil services firm has discovered in its cyber attack investigation that last week’s disruption of its 300 servers was caused by Shamoon Virus attack- linking it to the 2012’s massive attack on Saudi Aramco. A statement released by the company on Wednesday says that the work to restore the operations was going […]

Government Agencies in Saudi Arabia warned against Shamoon Cyber Attacks

The Government of Saudi Arabia has warned all government organizations working across the country to stay alerted about a possible cyber attack. As per our sources, a Shamoon virus variant which has the potential to wipe off entire hard disks in a network has resurfaced. In the year 2012, Shamoon 2 Virus variant hit government […]

Government agencies in Saudi Arabia hit by Shamoon Malware

Shamoon Malware has hit government agencies operating across Saudi Arabia in November this year. This was revealed in a report prepared by US security firms CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks Inc and Symantec Corp. The security firms said that the newly emerged version of Shamoon virus has the potential to cripple entire PCs on a network. […]

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