Smart toys

Half of the global 815 Million Smart Speakers are putting users privacy at risk

Almost half of the 815 million smart speakers operating across the world are reported to be putting their user’s privacy at risk- says a survey conducted by IDC. Yes, this is what was discovered when the International Data Corporation (IDC) researched smart devices.   The researchers at IDC have found that half of the 815 […]

Cybersecurity advice on How to buy Smart Toys

As this Christmas season the sales of smart toys doubled from last year, security analysts are worried that it might put the children/users at risk as strangers can contact the smart toy owners through various security flaws. Well, as manufacturers are being constantly urged by governments to improve the cyber hygiene of their devices before […]

Smart toys sold on Amazon are vulnerable to hacking

Smart Toys which were purchased heavily during this year’s shopping season are said to be extremely vulnerable to hackers. This was the truth revealed by a consumer group which says that the sale of toys on online shopping platforms such as Amazon has to be banned on immediate not to prevent hackers from misinterpreting conversations […]

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