Deleted X rated photos of college pupils exposed by hackers

Fleek app that was started in 2015 on Georgetown University and now defunct has become the talk among many sophomores of some major universities across America. Reason, a cloud configuration error committed on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) bucket is said to have exposed over 377,000 files- 32GB information and that includes X rated deleted […]

Cyber Attack did not cause Google, Youtube, Snapchat and Gmail downtime

Google oriented web services such as YouTube, Google Photos, Snapchat, Gmail, Nest, Discord, and Vimeo were disrupted for almost 4 hours late Sunday. But on contrary to the ongoing rumors that the services were hit by a cyber attack, the Alphabet Inc, subsidiary has issued a press statement that the downtime was caused by a […]

Cybersecurity News trending on Google right now

Recently, two of the former employees of Snapchat have disclosed that the company’s user data was abused by employees a few years ago. The past employees of the multimedia messaging app say that the company allows its staff to spy on the information of its users such as phone numbers, email addresses, location info and […]

How to activate 2-factor authentication on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

There is hardly any human being on earth these days who doesn’t have a social media account. Such is a popularity of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Despite the truth that all these accounts are safe to use, there is a high probability in this existing cyber landscape that hackers […]

Snapchat users fall prey to Phishing Cyber Attack

Snapchat has confirmed that some of its users have fallen prey to a phishing attack which resulted in the exposure of credentials of thousands of its users on a public website. However, the image messaging service offering company has assured that it will rectify the flaw and will release an update to educate its users […]

Data Breaches which topped the year 2016!

Cyber Security was a paramount concern for many government and private firms in this year. And so here’s the list of top data breaches which took place in 2016 prepared by our editorial team. Yahoo Breach- Yahoo leads the pack in the data breach list of this year. In September 2016, Yahoo reported that more […]

Facebook buys Facial recognition startup with a cyber security dimension

Facebook, the world’s leading social media platform has acquired a facial recognition startup named FacioMetrics very recently. Although the details of the acquisition are kept under wraps, trade experts believe that the company was bagged for $1 billion. FacioMetrics will be used to offer the privilege of adding photo and video effects to Facebook users; […]

Los Angeles proves as a booming paradise for startups

Los Angeles(LA) which happens to be the second largest city in the United States after New York is said to be slowly turning into a booming paradise for tech startups. In recent months, hordes of venture capitals from Northern California are regularly commuting the City of Los Angeles in search of the best real estate […]

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