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How to Delete Yourself from Social Media

Have you been thinking that it’s time to make the drastic choice to remove yourself from social media? Most of us were quick to join the social media bandwagon, but these days, you might have worries about privacy. Though it’s possible to delete yourself from social media, the process isn’t easy, and it might not […]

Russian Hackers launch cyber attacks on Pentagon through Social Media Posts

Russian Hackers are now launching cyber attacks embedded in social media posts and the latest victim who fell victim to this spear phishing campaign is a top official from Pentagon. According to Times Magazine, Russian hackers are now launching cyber attacks on government officials of United States by attaching malicious links to Twitter posts. The […]

Never reveal your social media passwords to Trump Administration

As the new US Visa policies roll in from this month, the Trump Administration is planning to put some foreign applicants through a stringent screening test which can be referred as a ‘privacy invasion’. And as a part of this policy, the US State Department wants to review all social media activities, email addresses and […]

Parents Beware of Finstagram

You have surely heard of Instagram, the photo sharing social network, but what about “Finstagram?” If you are like most parents, you have rules about the social media practices of your kids. However, once you learn about Finstagram, those might all go out the window. When you combine the words “fake” and “Instagram,” you get […]

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