Spear Phishing

Difference between Whale Phishing and Spear Phishing

Whale phishing and Spear phishing are both forms of targeted cyber-attacks aimed at stealing sensitive information or gaining unauthorized access to systems. However, they differ in their targets and scale: 1. Spear Phishing: Target: Spear phishing attacks target specific individuals or small groups within an organization. The attackers often gather information about their targets from […]

Israel government officials targeted by spear phishing attacks

According to a discovery made by security researchers from Cybereason, top-ranking officials from Israel were being targeted by spear phishing cyber attacks. And the hackers group behind this campaign is suspected to be AridViper, a notorious cyber criminal group from Middle East. AridViper aka Desert Falcon or APT-C-23 is an advanced persistent group that is […]

Chinese hackers target Premier of Western Australia in email Cyber Attack

Mark McGowan, the head of the government branch of Western Australia smartly referred to as ‘Premier’ was targeted in a cyberattack by a Chinese hacking group named Naikon. The attack was devastating and was in the form of MS Word Document meant to access digital data from the victim’s PC and was developed in such […]

Polish Cops arrest the author of Polski, Vortex and Flotera Ransomware

Law enforcement of Poland arrested the ransomware author of Polski, Vortex and Flotera malware variants on Wednesday(March 14th, 2018) last week and seized computer equipment containing several encryption keys. Tomasz T is the name of the arrested cyber criminal from Poland living in Belgium and was an internationally wanted criminal facing 181 different charges. A […]

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