Dell CEO says ransomware needs layered level defense

Micheal Dell, the CEO and founder of Dell Technologies said that corporate companies can easily prevent ransomware attacks by going for a layered security approach. Speaking and disclosing his mind at a virtual conference, Dell said that he was extremely pleased with the way White House has taken steps against ransomware spread. Reacting to Joe […]

Over 100 active ransomware groups are on FBI Tracking Radar

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has made it official that it has been tracking over 100 active ransomware groups that are busy attacking American Businesses, schools, and other organizations. Bryan Vorndran, the Assistant Director to the cyber division of FBI, disclosed the above stated news through a media statement issued on Tuesday, i.e. […]

Hackers spread ransomware by these 4 methods

Ransomware spreading hackers are getting sophisticated day by day and no organization seems to be immune to such cyber attacks. In this article, we will discuss the popular methods through which hackers are spreading ransomware to corporate networks. Hope, it helps companies which are in search of ways to isolate their corporate IT infrastructure from […]

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