WD SSD uses Mobile Security feature to unlock

Western Digital, which is into the manufacturing of data storage products, has introduced a new SSD card to the world that will use mobile...

SSDs or Flash drives might save victims from Ransomware Attacks

When a ransomware attack takes place on a database all the files are encrypted making it inaccessible for the victim to read, modify or...

Now we have hardware to protect against Ransomware

Ransomware is a kind of malware which encrypts a database and restricts access to the user/s until a ransom is paid. And in order...

Ransomware Cyber Attack puts Toshiba’s 400,000TB SSD storage on hold

Japanese NAND flash maker Toshiba has put the production of 400,000TB SSD storage on hold due to a ransomware cyber attack on its computer...

Using Intel’s Optane SSD storage to dive into Docker’s layers

This post was originally published here by ash wilson.Containerization is a rapidly growing trend in application hosting infrastructure. There are a number of guiding...
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