SSD with in-built ransomware prevention capabilities

Can you imagine Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid-State Disks (SSD) being immune to ransomware attacks? Well, a company named Cigent says so! It claims to have produced the first SSD with built-in ransomware protection, thus saving users from having their information stolen and encrypted with malware. The Cigent Secure SSD+ has a built-in processor […]

New tech on SSDs to stop ransomware spread

A group of researchers presented a new tech that can be installed on Solid State Drives (SSD)s to keep a check on ransomware spread. Presenting their find at the IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems in 2018, a team of researchers refined their invention even further that led to the innovation of a firmware […]

WD SSD uses Mobile Security feature to unlock

Western Digital, which is into the manufacturing of data storage products, has introduced a new SSD card to the world that will use mobile biometrics to get unlocked. That’s to ensure that the data stored on the Solid State Drives(SSD) safe and secure from prying eyes in the event of theft or accidental loss. Western […]

SSDs or Flash drives might save victims from Ransomware Attacks

When a ransomware attack takes place on a database all the files are encrypted making it inaccessible for the victim to read, modify or write them. This prolongs until the victim pays a demanded ransom in cryptocurrency to the ransomware author or the spreading agent. Although companies and cybersecurity firms are constantly busy in releasing […]

Now we have hardware to protect against Ransomware

Ransomware is a kind of malware which encrypts a database and restricts access to the user/s until a ransom is paid. And in order to counter it till date, we had certain decryption software offered by cyber security firms which were being used in cleaning up the malware mostly. Technically speaking, all operating systems prevailing […]

Ransomware Cyber Attack puts Toshiba’s 400,000TB SSD storage on hold

Japanese NAND flash maker Toshiba has put the production of 400,000TB SSD storage on hold due to a ransomware cyber attack on its computer network of NAND Flash manufacturing. So, those hoping to grab the best SSD Deal on Black Friday may have to postpone their luck until next year. NOTE- NAND Flash memory is […]

Using Intel’s Optane SSD storage to dive into Docker’s layers

This post was originally published here by ash wilson. Containerization is a rapidly growing trend in application hosting infrastructure. There are a number of guiding principles and best practices for building container images (containerization’s analog for virtual-machine images). One guiding principle of containerization is building small, concise, single-concern images. The flexibility of the tools (Docker, for instance) […]

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