Navigating the Future: Zero Trust and SSE in Cybersecurity Leadership Strategies

The cybersecurity landscape is undergoing a rapid and alarming transformation. The once impregnable castle-and-moat defenses are proving inadequate in this new hybrid world. This article delves into two potent concepts shaping the future of information security: Zero Trust and Security Service Edge (SSE). We’ll delve into their fundamental principles and demonstrate how they effectively tackle […]

Exploring SASE and SSE Roadmaps with the Two Taylor Swifts of the Decade – AI and Quantum

[By John Spiegel, Director of Strategy, Field CTO, Axis Security] Exploring the SASE and SSE landscape is a daunting task.  With over 30 vendors in the space, each with a point of view, it is easy to get lost in both the technical and marketing aspects of the frameworks.  But SASE and SSE are critical […]

The Rise of Security Service Edge (SSE): A Game-changer for the Modern Workforce

The pandemic shook businesses to its core, forcing users to trade in their office chairs for home desks. The result? Users, devices, and data scattered across the world. And for those in the networking and security fields, this shift brought major challenges. The traditional castle and moat access approach was no longer enough, and even […]

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