Microsoft to offer glass based storage tech that is ransomware proof

Microsoft is actively engaged in the development of a glass-based data storage medium slated for integration into its data centers that facilitate Azure Cloud services. This innovative ceramics-based storage solution is specifically designed for archival purposes and is touted to be impervious to ransomware attacks. In contrast to conventional SSD and Hard Disk drives, this […]

How to keep cloud storage secure and safe

As the adoption of cloud storage is growing, it is becoming easy to carry documents, passwords, movies, images, music, etc. on one go. Though it is convenient for us, data upload to a third-party platform might fetch some security risks that are as follows. First, we never know what is happening behind the screens in […]

World Backup Day 2018

Welcome to World Backup Day, the day in which hopefully everyone backs up the data on their devices. World Backup Day is of course very important to, after all, how else would we make a living? More than that, however, we feel nobody should ever lose data simply because data loss is so easily […]

Top 5 Cloud Security related Data Breaches!

The Year 2017 has so far witnessed some data slip-ups from the worlds top cloud storage providers and the details are as follows- Accenture- World’s first Cyber Resilience startup UpGuard discovered in its Cyber Risk survey that Accenture left at least 4 AWS S3 storage buckets unsecured. And as a result of this flaw, the […]

Ransomware Cyber Attack puts Toshiba’s 400,000TB SSD storage on hold

Japanese NAND flash maker Toshiba has put the production of 400,000TB SSD storage on hold due to a ransomware cyber attack on its computer network of NAND Flash manufacturing. So, those hoping to grab the best SSD Deal on Black Friday may have to postpone their luck until next year. NOTE- NAND Flash memory is […]

Using Intel’s Optane SSD storage to dive into Docker’s layers

This post was originally published here by ash wilson. Containerization is a rapidly growing trend in application hosting infrastructure. There are a number of guiding principles and best practices for building container images (containerization’s analog for virtual-machine images). One guiding principle of containerization is building small, concise, single-concern images. The flexibility of the tools (Docker, for instance) […]

Amazon Storage leaks personal data of 14 million Verizon Customers

Personal data of more than 14 million Verizon customers was leaked on Tuesday this week due to a misconfiguration on Amazon Web Services storage bucket. Hence, cyber incidents such as this highlight the importance of data protection practices on cloud platforms. The security lapse was discovered by a research firm called UpGuard. And as per […]

Cloud Security concerns deter users from storing data on Cloud

Teradata which offers database related products and services has made a new study in which it discovered that security concerns are deterring users from storing data on cloud platforms. But the survey also discloses good news by confirming that more than half of business critical data will reside on the cloud by 2019. Therefore, the […]

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