Facebook owner Meta builds the world’s powerful AI Supercomputer

Meta, that now owns Facebook, has proudly announced that the world’s powerful AI supercomputer build by it is ready to go to the operational phase as its testing phase is about to complete in the next few weeks. The technology giant of America has named its newly developed AI Supercomputer as AI Research SuperCluster (RSC) […]

Europe Super Computers being fraudulently used to mine Cryptocurrency

Just a week ago reports were in that the Supercomputer named Archer from Europe was cyber-attacked by hackers to steal critical information about the research and development taken up by Universities and Government to find a vaccine for COVID 19.   Now the news is out that almost all the supercomputers operating in Germany, UK, […]

British Supercomputer ARCHER hit by a Cyber Attack

British Supercomputer ARCHER which is used for academic research by Universities operating in the UK has been hit by a cyber attack early this week forcing the admin to reset all user passwords and SSH keys.   According to the details available to Cybersecurity Insiders, ARCHER fell victim to security exploitation which is now being investigated […]

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