Data Privacy threat to Americans from Biden government

In continuation to what NSA is doing, the 100-day-old Biden Government has plans to monitor the online and digital communication activity of American citizens. As per the report on CNN, this public surveillance program will be carried out by Department of Homeland Security and will be done by collaborating with private companies, mainly those belonging […]

Greek facial recognition law raises privacy concerns

Pretty soon, the police officers in Greece will soon have access to body worn surveillance cameras that will be used for real-time facial recognition and fingerprint scanners. Thus, by doing so, the law enforcement is planning to keep a watch on the citizens when stopped by the police for verification- all as a part of […]

Mobile Security Threat to US Mobile Phones from China

All those Americans who have visited abroad in the past couple of years, there is a high probability that Chinese intelligence could have spied on your mobile activity through a highly sophisticated espionage campaign. Garry Miller, a Washington based mobile security expert, has confirmed the news after analyzing sensitive data signals being spied by Chinese […]

NSA has been secretly recording phone calls of American Populace

Barton Gellman, a journalist by profession and the man who shared NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s classified documents to the world has revealed in his book that the National Security Agency has been recording phone calls of the American populace for years and has created a database which could create a profile of a person based […]

British government information leak triggers Data Security panic

Data exposure that occurred in the database recording car movements in entire Britain has created a data security panic among the populace, forcing the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to launch a probe on an immediate note.    Sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders say that car journeys about over 8.6 million cars being tracked by Automatic […]

Facebook Ad Data and FinSpy Malware Surveillance

Facebook which recently faced a $6 billion penalty from the US Government for showing laxity in dealing with user data is making all efforts to win back the trust of its patrons. As a part of this initiative, the social media giant has decided to let its users know from where the advertisement firms promoting […]

Hackers install surveillance malware on WhatsApp installed Smartphones

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is back in news, but for all wrong reasons. The popular messaging platform is said to be allowing hackers to install surveillance software on phones and other devices triggering a major vulnerability threat among millions using the popular messaging platform. According to a report from Financial Times(FT), the threat was actually developed by […]

China’s surveillance system bans the US raised actress Michelle Ye Xuan

China’s social credit system which can be termed as a threat to the privacy of the populace has recently banned the US raised actress Michelle Ye Xuan from leaving the borders of Beijing. News is out that the actress was banned from traveling as she was blacklisted by the social credit system without her understanding. […]

Chinese database hack reveals the grievances in Government surveillance

We all know that the government of China has decided to keep an eye on the whereabouts and the activities of each of its citizen in the name of surveillance being conducted for National Integrity. However, a recent hack conducted by a Dutch Cybersecurity specialist named Gevers says that the espionage activity has more to […]

How to make your smartphone private

Whether it’s an Apple iPhone or an Android device there is always a snooping threat looming on the users as firms like Google or Facebook refuse to give ownership to their users over data share. Although Apple Inc promotes that it sells products and services as per its consumer’s privacy, there is no guarantee that […]

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