UK’s largest supermarket uses Facial Recognition causing security and privacy concerns

UK’s largest supermarket chain ‘Co-Op Food’ has rolled a new tech on the CCTV surveillance cameras installed on its premises that keeps a track and record of its shoppers without their consent- triggering privacy and security concerns among its customers. The Co-Operative Group retail business of United Kingdom has recorded faces of its visitors on […]

Court case against NSO Group Pegasus Malware by Apple Inc

Apple Inc has filed a legal suit against NSO Group for developing Pegasus malware that is being illegally used by companies/governments and individuals for conducting cyber surveillance. The complaint that was filed in California court yesterday not only seeks permission to block the spying software from infiltrating into products such as iPhones, but also seeks […]

Patrol Robots in Singapore trigger privacy concerns

Government of Singapore has hired a bunch of patrolling robots to put the public on surveillance and see that they do not indulge in any undesirable social behavior such as hugging, kissing, and standing too close to each other, and such. As per the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, these robots, dubbed Xavier, will be […]

Britain to use AI driven Facial Recognition to nab criminals

Britain is all set to launch a new law where the common public will be subjected to AI driven CCTV surveillance that will help nab criminals. But privacy advocates worry that the new law that is proposed to be implemented by this year’s end in councils related to England and Wales might trigger additional concerns. […]

China officially condemns Pegasus spyware surveillance and accuses US

Chine Foreign Ministry has issued a public statement condemning the distribution and usage of Pegasus Spyware surveillance software by various countries. It has also accused United States & NATO for circulating misinformation that the Chinese intelligence was funding hacking groups to launch cyber attacks on the west. Zhao Lijian, the official spokesperson from the Foreign […]

US Postal service conducts public surveillance program with Facial Recognition

Interestingly, the United States Postal Services(USPS) department is conducting a surveillance program for the past few weeks with the help of Facial Recognition integrated with Artificial Intelligence.   According to a report published in Yahoo News, USPS is holding the program to track citizens who are indulging in criminal activities on the dark web and […]

Data Privacy threat to Americans from Biden government

In continuation to what NSA is doing, the 100-day-old Biden Government has plans to monitor the online and digital communication activity of American citizens. As per the report on CNN, this public surveillance program will be carried out by Department of Homeland Security and will be done by collaborating with private companies, mainly those belonging […]

Greek facial recognition law raises privacy concerns

Pretty soon, the police officers in Greece will soon have access to body worn surveillance cameras that will be used for real-time facial recognition and fingerprint scanners. Thus, by doing so, the law enforcement is planning to keep a watch on the citizens when stopped by the police for verification- all as a part of […]

Mobile Security Threat to US Mobile Phones from China

All those Americans who have visited abroad in the past couple of years, there is a high probability that Chinese intelligence could have spied on your mobile activity through a highly sophisticated espionage campaign. Garry Miller, a Washington based mobile security expert, has confirmed the news after analyzing sensitive data signals being spied by Chinese […]

NSA has been secretly recording phone calls of American Populace

Barton Gellman, a journalist by profession and the man who shared NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s classified documents to the world has revealed in his book that the National Security Agency has been recording phone calls of the American populace for years and has created a database which could create a profile of a person based […]

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