Kaspersky confirms SMBs are sureshot targets for Hackers

Recent research conducted by Kaspersky has confirmed that Small and Medium Scale businesses are becoming Sureshot targets for cybercriminals, than larger enterprises. In a study conducted between January 2021 to April 2022, researchers have identified that small-scale businesses were three times more likely to be hit by a cyber attack than large business counterparts. What’s […]

Ransomware hits Grandparents and TikTok Scams target young adults

According to a research conducted by Avast, grandparents aged between in 55 to 64 are being targeted mainly by those spreading ransomware, tech support scams, spyware and botnets. Whereas, the younger generation was being hit by TikTok scams that mainly spread malware, spyware, adware and data, stealing Trojans to mobiles. The reason the older and […]

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