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Cyber Attacks on Businesses cost investors £42 billion loss

Cyber Attacks on businesses is costing investors £42 billion loss says a study commissioned by cyber security firm CGI and conducted by Oxford Economics. The study also confirmed that a company which is listed in FTSE 100 Index gets worse off by an average of £120 million after a breach. Oxford Economics made the study […]

Cyber attack on Wonga Database affects 250,000 customer bank details

British Payday loan offering company Wonga has made it official that a data breach occurred on its database leaking critical info of more than 250,000 of its customers. The UK-based payday loan lender added that the stolen details could include addresses, names, bank account numbers, and sort codes. Officials from Wonga said that around 245,000 […]

England to levy £52 billion fine on SMBs for lacking tools against cyber attacks

British firms witnessed 230,000 cyber attacks in 2016 and this was revealed as a fact in a survey analysis conducted by Internet Service Provider ‘Beaming’. The survey added that on an average the volume of cyber attacks passing the corporate firewalls and hitting the cyber networks has reached the mark of 1K/ day for the […]

Tesco bank compensates £2.5 million to 9K cyber attack victims

Tesco Bank has paid £2.5 million to almost 9,000 customers whose money was purloined by cyber thieves. British Authorities in association with a National Cyber Security Center( NCSC) from GCHQ are trying to trace out the root cause of this online cash theft that took place in last weekend. Benny Higgins, the CEO of Tesco […]

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