Is your computer being used for ‘CryptoJacking’?

As almost all popular streaming sites are ‘CryptoJacking’ computers without their user’s knowledge these days and security experts from Kaspersky believe that Cryptojacking will emerge as one of the biggest Cyber Threats of 2018. According to a report published in Forbes, those websites & apps which aren’t billing you for their web services are often […]

Iran’s Cyber Warfare Programs a Cyber Threat to the United States!

All these days Russia, North Korea, and China were considered as top cyberspace adversaries of the United States. But now, the apex position is being replaced by Iran which has launched a new Cyber Warfare program. The aim of the program is to encourage hackers to launch cyber attacks on enemy nations. As per the […]

Cyber Threat Concerns may create hostile conditions for Connected Car Sales

Cyber Threat Concerns may create hostile conditions for the sales of Connected Cars, says a survey conducted by Irdeto. The survey also disclosed that among the present set of consumers who own connected cars, 59% are concerned that their vehicle could become a potential target for hackers in near future. Of the survey conducted across […]

Kaspersky discovers 90 million malicious apps this year triggering Cyber Threat concerns!

Kaspersky Lab has issued a warning that the scale and complexity of global cyber attacks are growing at an exponential rate triggering major concerns for the evolution of IoT. The company came to the said conclusion after it found that more than 90 million malicious apps were infected in this year in which half of […]

Cisco to share Cyber Threat Intelligence with Interpol to fight Cyber Crime

In a bid to fight cybercrime, networking giant Cisco has signed an agreement with Interpol at its Singapore headquarters early today. And as a part of this understanding, Cisco will be sharing cyber threat intelligence with the International Criminal Police Organization from now on to inculcate a coordinated and focused approach between both the organizations […]

Cyber Threat Alert-20% Healthcare organizations in UK and US are still using Windows XP

A survey conducted by Infoblox has confirmed that more than 20% of healthcare organizations in US and UK are still using legacy operating systems such as Windows XP making them “Super” vulnerable to cyber threats such as ransomware attacks. Infoblox survey which included more than 300 IT professionals in its poll has concluded that only […]

Google Security Report brands phishing as biggest Cyber Threat!

Google in association with the University of California conducted a recent study in which it discovered how user accounts are being hijacked in practical. Thus, in this process, the web search giant came to a conclusion that many users were following a procedure of using a single login to access different web services. And this […]

NATO to enrich its Cyber Threat Defenses!

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization shortly known as NATO is all set to enrich its Cyber Threat Defense capabilities pretty shortly. And as per the details available to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the inter governmental military alliance of 29 independent member countries working across North America and Europe is all set to create a new Cyber […]

Cyber Threat to Satellites is Fathomless!

Cyber Threat to Satellites is Fathomless says Lisa Donnan, Managing director of Option3 Ventures- a venture capital company focused on Information Security and Analytics. The reason, traffic running on satellite networks- such as defense communication, financial info and television broadcasts are all very attractive and lucrative to hackers. Greg Touhill, President of Cyxtera Technologies- a […]

Cyber Threat to US Energy Firms!

The Department of Homeland Security(DHS) and Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) has warned all energy firms operating in the United States about a possible cyber threat looming on their critical infrastructure. The email which was issued on last Friday, also stresses on the fact that other critical infrastructures such as nuclear, aviation, water, and critical manufacturing […]

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