DARPA launches Cyber Attack on US Power Grids

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency(DARPA) has launched a cyber attack on a power utility located in Plum Island, some 1.5 miles off the shore to Long Island, New York. The objective behind the attack was to experiment on how the power utilities can bounce back in the case of ‘Blackout’ scenarios via cyber attacks […]

Is Email becoming the biggest Cyber Threat

In this digital world, Email has become the most cost-effective channel for cybercrooks to make money. And that’s because it is very easy to gain financial value by siphoning someone else’s monetary and personal data via emails. A survey conducted recently says that 57% of respondents admitted that their company has experienced a phishing attack […]

Cyber Threat to Children’s Toys and Baby Monitors sold in Britain

At last the United Kingdom’s Cyber Watchdog “The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC)” seems to have reacted to a major cyber threat concern posed by the toys and baby monitors sold to families in Britain. The NCSC has warned that all companies manufacturing the said internet connected devices should ensure that the devices are secure […]

Britain Watchdog $658,000 fine on Equifax and NSA Eternal Blue Cyber Threat

US Crediting reporting company Equifax has been slapped with a fine of $658,000 or £500,000 for failing to protect information of more than 15 million UK citizens during a cyber attack which took place last year. The Information Commissioner’s Office(ICO) has come up with the said conclusion of levying a penalty on Equifax after it […]

Britain on high ‘cybersecurity’ alert due to Russia

Britain is reported to be on a high ‘Cyber Security’ alert these days and the news has been confirmed by Ciaran Martin, the Chief Executive of National Cyber Security Center(NCSC). The reason, the nation wants to guard the nation’s IT infrastructure against any variant of cyber attacks coming from Russia. Martin says that a number […]

US President to impose mandatory sanctions on Critical Cyber Threat Actors

US President Donald Trump is all set to impose mandatory sanctions on Critical Cyber Threat Actors soon. Yes, the above-stated words will turn into a reality if a new bipartisan bill introduced in the Senate receives an endorsement from the Trump & administration. Sens. Cory Gardner and Chris Coons have introduced the bill “The Cyber […]

The holy grail: threat protection on any device

This post was originally published here by Nat Kausik. Cloud applications can be accessed from any device, anywhere.  And most of these devices do not have up-to-date malware protection.  How do you protect against threats in this situation?  Agentless Next-Gen CASB can deliver threat protection on any device, managed or unmanaged.  When a user connects […]

GCHQ claims 5G network of UK is vulnerable to spies from China

Jeremy Fleming, the head of Britain’s GCHQ has warned that the 5G network which is about to be launched next year in the UK is extremely vulnerable to spies funded by the Chinese government. And he says that if in case, this happens, then it could pose as the greatest cyber threat to national infrastructure […]

Kaspersky Lab issues Cyber Threat warning to Users of Cryptocurrency Wallets

Kaspersky Lab has recently issued a cyber threat warning to all users of Cryptocurrency wallets. And said that the hackers both individuals and groups are on the prowl to steal cryptocurrency from those using bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallets. As the cryptocurrency market is witnessing a boom and might reach enormous heights in the upcoming […]

TSI Healthcare receives Cyber Attack Threats!

North Carolina based TSI Healthcare is said to have received cyber attack threats via email from a Washington Man in April last year. The 28-year old man named Todd Micheal Gori, a resident of Wenatchee, Washington threatened the company with digital disruption if the CEO failed to fire one of their employees and hire him […]

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