Trickbot Malware hits 140,000 victims

Trickbot Malware that started just as a banking malware has now emerged into a sophisticated data stealing tool capable of injecting malware like ransomware or serve as an Emotet downloader. And security experts from Check Point believe that the malicious software has so far targeted over 140,000 victims since November 2020, hitting high profile victims […]

Trickbot malware induces new Diavol Ransomware Strain

Trickbot banking malware is back in news for inducing a new ransomware variant into the wild. Researchers from Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs has have found that the new malware strain is acting similar to that of Conti Ransomware with a change that it Asymmetric encryption algorithms unlike other file encrypting malware variants. Dubbed as ‘Diavol’ this […]

Microsoft defends US 2020 elections by disabling Trickbot Malware

Microsoft has made it official on Monday that it is going to disrupt the entire network that distributes Trickbot malware to save the critical infrastructure of the United States from being invaded by Russian Hackers.   The American tech giant took action after receiving a court order from the Eastern District of Virginia’s federal judge […]

Trickbot Malware infests servers of Washington State Agencies

When the whole of the United States is preparing for the big election date slated for November 3rd,2020, hackers is reported to have launched a malware attack on the servers of Washington State Agencies. Although there is no official confirmation on this note, two people familiar with the incident have confirmed that the servers of […]

Fully Operational TrickBot Banking Trojan Targets UK, Australia

Eduard Kovacs  wrote an interesting post about Fully Operational TrickBot Banking Trojan Targets UK, Australia that I would like to share. “TrickBot, a new piece of malware that experts believe is somehow linked to the notorious Dyre Trojan, is now fully operational and it has been used to target banks in the United Kingdom, Australia and […]

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