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New UK Law terms detrimental Cryptocurrency Exchanges as Cyber Criminals

As per the latest law in the UK, cryptocurrency exchanges should abide by the rules set by the government, otherwise, they can be termed as criminals and might face serious consequences along with sanctions. For the past few months, Russia government is facing extreme criticism for waging a war against Ukraine. And the United States, […]

Cyber Attack and Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

1.) Conti Ransomware gang reportedly hit Parker Hannifin Corporation in March this year leaking sensitive details to the public. The company that is into the manufacturing of motion control products released a press statement yesterday, stating a breach of its systems in between March 11 and March 14th this year. Exposed details include personal info […]

Killnet Hacking group of Russia pledges to disrupt ventilators across UK Hospitals

In the first of its kind cyber threat, a group of hackers from a Russian hacking group have threatened to shut down the operations of ventilators across hospitals in the UK. The hacking group’s name is Killnet and is demanding the release of a hacker arrested in London by the authorities representing the Romanian Government, […]

Russia to launch offensive cyber attacks on UK

From the past few hours, some reliable news resources report Putin has asked the Russian Ministry of Digital Development to cut down internet connection to the west by severing internet lines laid in international waters. At first, the target will be the UK and then their target will be the rest of the western world, […]

Britain to take a call on Computer Misuse Act

The law enforcement service of Britain is thinking of amending the Computer Misuse Act as they are in a helpless situation for not being able to infiltrate the networks of cyber criminals because of some outdated cyber laws. Already few of the British nationals have started a CyberUp campaign that will allow the security experts […]

UK Information Commissioner pronounced £42 million worth penalties on companies

UK’s Information Commissioner Office(ICO) has disclosed that it has slapped multiple penalties on companies that failed to protect the information of its customers from data breaches last year. And estimates are in that the amount could total around £42 million that includes the £20m penalty slapped on British Airways and Marriott Hotel Chain. According to […]

Manual work is better than automated operations, suggests Kaseya Ransomware Attack

In this digital age, every company is interested in hiring new talent as it is more skilled to use the automated tools. Meaning those who are above 50 should either work for a very less pay or consider retirement…..isn’t it? But the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack that took place in May this year and the […]

Cyber Attacks are being launched to tear the society fabric

Social Media is being used to tear the fabric of society apart, says Gen Sir Patrick Sanders, the top general of Britain. In a candid interview given only to Skynews via Podcast, Gen. Sanders said that the threat is not the power plants or other critical infrastructure unlike seen in films. It is going to […]

UK Army launches a dedicated Cyber Regiment

To combat the cyber-attacks which have proven as deadly as that on the battlefield, the UK army has launched a specialized cybersecurity force named 13th Signal Regiment which is supposed to protect communication networks to the Royal Navy and Air Force.   Consisting 250 well trained and dedicated personnel, the so-called Cyber Regiment will be […]

Facebook and Twitter bosses could be jailed in Britain for Data Privacy

If those heading companies like Facebook and Twitter fail to protect their user data in Britain, then there is a chance that they might be sentenced to a jail term for a specific period in the year 2020. Yes, this is what is going to be brought up by the government of the UK early […]

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