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White House concerned about Cyber Attacks on Chemical Sector

Biden administration seems to be extremely worried about the ongoing cyber attacks on the chemical sector and so has taken an initiative to improve the security posture of businesses operating in the said field for a period of next 100 days. Therefore, the government of the United States has issued an emergency funding to bolster […]

Critical Vulnerability in Emergency Alert Systems of United States

A vulnerability discovered by a security researcher in the emergency alert systems of the United States could allow hackers to infiltrate the servers to send out fake alerts across the country. The security researcher in the above stated reference is Ken Pyle, who is about to present his analysis at the Las Vegas conference between […]

DOJ confirms cyber attack on US Court system

Department of Justice (DoJ) has confirmed a cyber security incident that took place on its systems in early 2020. The reason for the delay in disclosure of disruption of Federal Court Systems or why it had to reveal the incident after two years is yet to be told. Jerrold Nadler, the Chairperson of House of […]

United States offers $5 million rewards for Information on Cyber Attacks launched by North Korea

For the past 3-4 years, North Korea has been funding Kim Jong’s Nuclear ambition by launching cyber attacks leading to data breaches, stealing cryptocurrencies from exchanges and individual wallets, selling illegal arms to internationally acclaimed criminals such as terrorists, and conducting money laundering crime. In order to put a full stop to all such crimes, […]

CISA issues advisory on Chinese Cyber Threat to US Telecoms and ISPs

United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have issued an advisory to all telecom and network operators in the United States asking them to be vigilant against state sponsored cyber attacks from China. A joint document released by CISA in conjugation with NSA and FBI states that companies operating in telecommunication and internet sector […]

Russia to the cyber-attack United States with the help of its Ransomware gangs

We all know that half of the ransomware gangs that are operating in the wild are from Russia or are being financially backed by Kremlin. So, after analyzing the current situation in the cyber landscape, the FBI has concluded that the Putin-led government is all set to the cyber-attack United States pretty soon! It is […]

US Universities credentials published on dark web

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, aka FBI, has issued a notification that student credentials from many renowned colleges and universities operating in the US were up for sale on the dark web and some public domains. According to the report, the data was dumped in January 2022 on a Russian criminal forum and was being […]

US Government warns against recruiting Information Technology workers from China, North Korea and Russia

United States government has issued a warning against recruitment of IT workers from countries like China, North Korea and Russia. The reason is that the Biden led government suspects such recruitments might turn dangerous to the national infrastructure. As of now, an executive order to not recruit people from Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is […]

Wiper malware threat to the healthcare sector in US and Ukraine

Microsoft has issued a serious warning to companies serving the healthcare sector in the United States and Ukraine. And the alert is related to a wiper malware that has the potential to disrupt the IT infrastructure on an entire network. John Riggi, the National Advisor for Cybersecurity at the American Hospital Association, said that the […]

United States set on a high Ransomware Attack alert

As Russia has waged a war with Ukraine from the early hours of February 24, 2022, White House administration, under the leadership of Biden, has issued a high alert that there was a possibility that ransomware could attack its critical infrastructure; as it has issued an order to press sanctions against Russia for launching a […]

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