Seven years security updates to mobile users in Germany

German government is urging mobile manufactures to offer security updates for devices up to seven years or at least 6 years so that it could increase the life of usage of phones to over 5 years. Already a proposal in this regard has been passed on to the European Union that also makes it mandatory […]

SingHealth server did not receive security updates for fourteen months

SingHealth, the largest healthcare group of Singapore disclosed to the world on July 19th this year that it became a victim of a cyber attack where hackers succeeded in accessing personal data of more than 1.5 million people and medicine dispense details of about 160,000 people. Furthermore, reports emerged that the hack also gave access […]

Increasing Cyber Threats make Microsoft release a new security update bulletin

Microsoft has finally bowed down to malware spreading hackers targeting Windows machines by issuing a highly unusual patch for its dead and extinct Windows XP users. The company which releases security updates to all its OS users twice a month (mostly on Tuesday) has turned up with a security fix for all older versions of […]

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