US Power Grids

Automated US Power grids to be replaced by manual systems to limit Cyber Attacks

All these days we all were proud of automation and the bouquet of benefits it brings to mankind. But here’s a news piece which might brush up your minds with a new notion. The US Senate has decided to replace the automated power grid control systems with manual ones in order to limit repercussions raised […]

Power grids of Los Angeles and Salt Lake under Cyber Attack

Power grids operating in Los Angeles County in California, and Salt Lake County in Utah claimed that they were hit by a powerful DDoS cyber attack on March 5th of this year. However, the authorities have cleared the air that the impact of the attack was never passed onto the customers or the computer systems […]

Russian Cyber Threat to American Power Grids

Hackers who are being secretly funded by Russian government have devised a new cyber weapon which can disrupt American Power Grids affecting the day to day life of all Americans. As per the information available to us from a cyber security firm named Dragos, Russian hackers have devised a cyber malware called CrashOverride which has […]

BAE Systems to protect US Power Grids from Cyber Attacks

In the year 2015, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency(DARPA) was set up to extenuate the risks associated with cyber attacks on the US Electrical Grids. Now, BAE Systems, a London-based multinational defense, security, and aerospace company has bagged a deal from DARPA to protect US Power Grids from Cyber Attacks. In order to protect […]

US Power Grids are next cyber attack targets of Russia!

After influencing US Polls 2016 through Cyber Espionage, Russia is now said to be eying critical infrastructural units of United States. This was concluded in a 494-page report submitted to the White House by Department of Energy (DOE). The report included the fact that US Power Grids are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks run by […]

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