Ransomware Attack on Corona Virus Italian Vaccination Registration System

A Cyber Attack has reportedly disrupted the Corona Virus vaccine registration system from morning hours of today and authorities are clueless on when the digital vaccine registration system will be working normally. Going deep into the details, the population living in Lazio Region, including some from Rome were badly affected by the attack that is […]

Cyber Attacks on Vaccination centers of Germany

When the entire world is busy with a vaccination drive to eradicate COVID-19 from their region and the whole globe, Germany‚Äôs Angela Merkel warned that the vaccinations centers are vulnerable to sophisticated cyber attacks that could bring the vaccination drive to a major halt. In an update sent to Bloomberg by the Interior Ministry of […]

Cyber threats looming on UK Hospital networks

As the spread of a new mutation of COVID-19 virus has induced fear among the Britons living in Tier 1 and 2 cities, security experts warn that cyber threats might immensely pressure the healthcare systems across UK and Europe. Although the vaccination roll out to curb the spread of Corona Virus has began, most medics […]

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