Virtual Machines

RagnarLocker Ransomware running Virtual Machines in Infected Systems

According to a study carried out by Cybersecurity firm Sophos, those distributing RagnarLocker ransomware are seen installing virtual machines inside infected systems to avoid...

Microsoft and Google security update their respective Virtual Machines

Microsoft and Google have made it official that their Virtual Machine instances on a respective note can now process highly sensitive information making it...

Microsoft issues alert over Weaponized Virtual Machines on the Cloud

To all those who think cloud infrastructure as a ‘Safe Heaven’ from cyber attacks, here’s an alert issued by Microsoft. In its recently released...

AzSec software to strengthen cloud security feature of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has made it official that it is strengthening Azure Cloud Computing platform with the newly acquired AzSec software developed by 5nine Software Company....

Fortinet extends support to strengthen Cloud Security in Corporate World

Cyber security software developing vendor Fortinet has announced that it is extending its support to strengthen cloud security feature in the corporate world. The...
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