How to Achieve Maximum Security in Virtualized Data Centers

Virtualized data centers have become the backbone of modern IT infrastructure, offering scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. However, as data center virtualization continues to grow, ensuring utmost security has become paramount. This article explores strategies and best practices for achieving maximum security in virtualization filled data centers, safeguarding your critical assets, and maintaining compliance with industry […]

Ransomware gangs increasingly targeting virtualization platforms says study 

A study conducted by Cybersecurity Firm Mandiant confirms that ransomware actors are increasingly targeting virtualization platforms to extort ransom in large amounts. A report released on this note confirmed that most of the targeted environments are the one operating on Vmware. M-Trends 2022 report not only disclosed what threat actors are doing, but has also […]

Bolster your Mobile Security with Virtualization, says NSA

United States National Security Agency has asked smartphone users of Government and Private Organizations to bolster the features of their mobile security with the technology of virtualization. US Commercial solutions for Classified List has already drafted a proposal on this issue as soon as the first virtualization based smartphone security system made by HTC was […]

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