Over 99% of US Govt employees using outdated Android OS Versions

A research carried out by mobile security firm Lookout states that over 99% of government employees in United States are using outdated android OS loaded smart phones. And because of the pandemic, most of them are accessing their office apps on their mobile devices that is making them fall prey to several vulnerabilities often exploited […]

New Research: 2020 Vulnerabilities on Target to Match or Exceed Last Year

2020 vulnerabilities are on target to match or exceed last year as routine Patch Tuesday events begin to reach volumes comparable to January’s Vulnerability Fujiwhara. RICHMOND, VA, November 9, 2020 — Risk Based Security today released their 2020 Q3 Vulnerability QuickView Report revealing that the number of vulnerability disclosures is back on track to reach or bypass 2019 as we […]

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities in millions of Smart Connected Devices

Security vulnerabilities found in the software used by millions of connected devices might lead to a catastrophic shutdown of the entire digital world in coming days, say a research carried out by ForeScout Technologies. A report released by the firm on Tuesday says that hackers are prying on millions of connected devices that help them […]

Research discovers new Mobile Browser security vulnerabilities

A study carried out by Rapid7 Inc has found serious security vulnerabilities in the mobile browsers that could allow hackers to fake any web portal address direct from the address bar. Also, the research has confirmed that vulnerabilities do exist in multiple mobile browsers that include some big names such as Yandex, Apple’s Safari, Opera […]

Qualcomm Mobile Processors are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

According to a study carried out by the security researchers from Check Point, over 40% of Android phones operating on Qualcomm Processors are vulnerable to cyber attacks. A reported released by the Tel Aviv based Cybersecurity firm suggests that the chip sets produced by Qualcomm were exhibiting 400 security flaws that could be exploited by […]

Reasons why Zoom App is being banned by governments across the world

As more and more corporate companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are banning the usage of Zoom App in their work environments, followed by governments across the world – here are 14 reasons which are making Zoom video calling app unsafe-  1.) There is a high probability of information leak while in a video call […]

Hacker earns $75k for finding 3 critical vulnerabilities in Apple Safari Browser

Apple Inc has once again proved that it keeps its word when it comes to rewarding white hat hackers who find security flaws in its products. As recently it rewarded a hacker with $75,000 for finding seven flaws in Apple’s Safari Browser- out of which 3 were supposed to be critical.   Ryan Pickren is […]


This post was originally published here by (ISC)² Management. While large enterprises are highly confident in their cybersecurity defenses, a new (ISC)² study suggests they need to be more diligent in a couple of areas – taking action when told about security vulnerabilities and removing privileges for users who no longer need access to systems. […]

Windows 7 users should be aware of these Cyber Security vulnerabilities

All you Windows 7 users out there, its better you make a note of the following cybersecurity vulnerabilities to which your system will get exposed after December’ 19. 1.) Obsolete systems which do not receive security updates from their developers( Microsoft in this case) can easily be used to spread malware. 2.) Unless you go […]

Vulnerabilities vs Misconfigurations

Vulnerability assessment is a necessary component of any complete security toolchain, and the most obvious place to start for anyone looking to improve their security. Ironically, starting with vulnerability assessment can actually degrade an organization’s overall defense by shifting focus from the cause of most outages and breaches: misconfigurations.   Misconfigurations – Not Very Cool, […]

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