Australian electric grid vulnerable to Cyber Attacks via Solar Panels

Because of some vulnerabilities in solar panels and smart devices, security experts state that the Australian Electricity Grid is becoming super vulnerable to cyber attacks. And Russia could use such flaws to infiltrate networks and shut down the functioning of the grids leading to blackouts on a partial or complete note. Cyber Threat warnings were […]

Most German Firms are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2021 states that most of the German firms are vulnerable to cyber attacks and are topping the list of the study group with a loss tally of $48 million. The report was compiled after analyzing data gathered from over 6042 companies operating across UK, US, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland and […]

IOT Devices operating worldwide are vulnerable to Name Wreck Bug

A new discovery has been made by security experts that could pose as a danger to over 100 million IOT devices operating worldwide. Dubbed as Name: Wreck, the bug allows hackers to exploit devices through a set of DNS Vulnerabilities. Israel-based Cybersecurity Consultation offering firm Forescout was the first to discover this vulnerability and estimated […]

Robots in industries are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Robotic machinery that is being used in industries to assemble airplanes and smart phones are vulnerable to cyber attacks say security experts from Trend Micro Inc. And the researchers argue that most of such machinery is susceptible to hacking activities like data steal and remotely altering the movement of robots. Trend Micro’s report titled “Robot […]

Mobile Banking Apps are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks says FBI

As the whole world is going through a COVID 19 Lockdown, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation aka FBI says that the usage of mobile banking apps has increased in the past couple of months putting the users to the cyber threat risks. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), the latest research […]

United States amongst most vulnerable countries to Cyber Attack

The United States stands at the top of the list of most vulnerable countries that are susceptible to cyber-attacks. And following the Donald Trump-led nation is most developed countries like the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, Ireland, and New Zealand with Denmark occupying the last position in the list related to […]

C-Level Executives are vulnerable to mobile-based cyber attacks

According to a study conducted by MobileIron, C-Level executives are most vulnerable to mobile-based cyber attacks as hackers target them as soft targets to infiltrate a corporate network. “Trouble at the Top” report compiled by MobileIron has made its analysis based on the response given by over 300 enterprises IT decision makers which includes those […]

American Chemical Facilities are Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

According to a report compiled by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), most of the chemical facilities are vulnerable to cyber attacks as they are either using obsolete hardware out of date software which is against the federal training guidelines.   The Federal Watchdog says that most of the 3,300 chemical facilities are running against the […]

A Billion Android smartphones and tablets are vulnerable to hackers

A recent survey conducted by “Which?” has discovered that over a billion Android-based smartphones and tablets are vulnerable to hackers. The report says that more than 40% of people using Android-based devices are susceptible to hacks as their devices are running on the older version of software giving hackers a fair chance to snoop on […]

Windows and Linux Servers globally are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Millions of servers running on Windows and Linux operating systems are reported to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. And this was concluded in a research carried out by researchers from Eclypsium- a company offering Enterprise Firmware Security.   Going deep into the facts, the security researchers have discovered that the vulnerability is being created due to […]

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