Conti Ransomware to shut down and come rebranded into multiple groups

Conti Ransomware gang has announced that it is going to shut down its digital operations and will come as a rebranded version split into multiple groups soon. According to the intelligence update provided by security vendor AdvIntel, the group was forced to take this action because of internal conflicts developed in its syndicate after its […]

Cyber Space has become a new domain for warfare, says Microsoft

Speaking at the Microsoft Envision held in London UK, Microsoft President Brad Smith said that cyberspace has become a new domain for cyber warfare. He argued that his perspective was cemented as soon as Russia started its invasion of Ukraine, where it not only attacked the nation’s populace from air, land, and water. But also […]

Microsoft stops Russian from cyber targeting Ukraine further

Microsoft released a press update last week that it has stopped a hacking group linked to Russian GRU military unit from targeting Ukraine’s critical infrastructure and some dignitaries and think tanks linked to United States. The company seems to spy on the activities that are taking place on all Windows machines operating in the Putin […]

Russia might take help of ransomware payments to fund Ukraine war costs

Russian war has entered its third week and the leader of the nation seems to be in no mood to give up. However, reports are in that Putin is finding it hard to break the resistance of Ukrainians and is falling short of finances, fuel, water and food supplies essential to keep his military units […]

Joe Biden says cyber attacks could easily trigger a shooting war

US President Joe Biden felt that pretty soon a shooting war can erupt between nations and the reason behind it could be a cyber attack. Mr. Biden expressed his mind after a series of sophisticated attacks on SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline, JBS meat and Kaseya software. Some nations (Russia and China) were trying to intimidate United […]

Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats of 2018!

The year 2017 witnessed some of the biggest cyber attacks of all times. This includes WannaCry Cyber Attack propelled by North Korea targeting more than 250,000 computers worldwide, NotPetya cyber attack on companies operating in Ukraine & Russia and the much-publicized Equifax data breach which even led to the resignation of the CEO after data […]

Government workers in Australia to play Cyber Attacks related War Games

Cybersecurity teams from more than 10 departments will practice attacking and repelling of cyber attacks in the inaugural event related to cybersecurity war games to be held in Canberra, Australia. The event will be judged by the former commander of the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet Patrick Walsh and the winners will be rewarded accordingly. The […]

United States should start launching massive Cyber Attacks against North Korea

Dana Tyrone Rohrabacher, a member of the US House of Representatives representing California’s 48th Congressional district is asking Donald Trump to launch a massive cyber attack against North Korea. In a press conference held yesterday, Mr. Dana Tyrone gave a media briefing on his recent meeting with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. When a news reporter […]

NATO tags the latest cyber attack as an ‘Act of War’

NATO released a public statement in the early hours of Friday in which it stated that the latest NotPetya ransomware which hit more than 12000 devices across 60 countries was looking like an ‘Act of War’ launched by a state-funded actor/s. On Tuesday this week, a ransomware variant mimicking the whereabouts of Petya ransomware hit […]

A Cyber Threat to Canada Elections!

Canada’s electronic spy agency has made it official that some state-funded actors of foreign nations are trying to influence the country’s electoral process and so steps are being taken to counter their efforts. Treating the activity as a serious threat to Canadian Democracy, Chrystia Freeland, the Foreign Affairs Minister of the country said that public […]

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