Mobile vs. Web Apps: What’s the Difference and How Can Businesses Secure Them?

By: Eduardo Cervantes, manager, Mobile Application Security Testing, WhiteHat Security In an age where building applications is essential to business success, it’s more important than ever that application security is approached correctly. In fact, according to Statista, apps are expected to generate $581 billion in revenue by 2020. Now it’s officially 2020, but companies’ views on how […]

Modern Cybersecurity: Empower Your Development Team, Don’t Chain Them

By Mark Rogan, DAST application security supervisor, WhiteHat Security Us and them… Cybersecurity and development teams have traditionally been at odds with each other during each step of the software lifecycle. To the development team, the security team has often been seen as the gatekeeper that put the brakes on the rapid pace of code development needed to keep up […]

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