Cyber Threat Alert-20% Healthcare organizations in UK and US are still using Windows XP

A survey conducted by Infoblox has confirmed that more than 20% of healthcare organizations in US and UK are still using legacy operating systems such as Windows XP making them “Super” vulnerable to cyber threats such as ransomware attacks. Infoblox survey which included more than 300 IT professionals in its poll has concluded that only […]

Britain’s largest warship is vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!

HMS Queen Elizabeth which happens to be the world’s largest warship has finally made its way into the sea waters of Scotland yesterday just before midnight. Squeezing itself under the Forth Bridge of Scotland, the ship which weighs around 65,000 tons sailed for the first time giving cheers to the gathered public. But can you […]

Locky ransomware returns to infect Windows Vista and XP machines

Hackers spreading Locky ransomware is said to have returned with their latest campaign of infecting Windows machines. But this time their effort seems to be half-baked because the said ransomware is succeeding in infecting only Windows XP and Vista machines putting the modern Windows 7 & 10 machines aside. The malware is being spread by […]

Increasing Cyber Threats make Microsoft release a new security update bulletin

Microsoft has finally bowed down to malware spreading hackers targeting Windows machines by issuing a highly unusual patch for its dead and extinct Windows XP users. The company which releases security updates to all its OS users twice a month (mostly on Tuesday) has turned up with a security fix for all older versions of […]

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