Teenager charged for launching DdoS attacks on International Banks and Websites


A court in Northern Ireland charged an 18-year-old teenager for launching distributed denial of service attacks to disrupt websites related to international banks and the server/s hosting a boxing match between Logan Paul and Rapper KSI.

Josh Maunder is a teenager who is facing charges for illegally accessing servers of global banks and crashing them with intention.

Although Mr. Maunder from Bangor, County Down did not appear in court physically, he has been charged with 21 offenses, including 13 for unauthorized access to computers.

According to the details available to the media, the youngster was just fifteen when he conspired and cyber-attacked servers and websites related to banks and other institutions between Dec’17 to Oct’18.

Some of the noted websites that crashed because of the digital attack were Nationwide Building Society, Nuclear Fall Out Servers, and Police.UK, Police of the Czech Republic, and a server hosting a boxing match between two American celebrities.

Maunder was also found holding sensitive info on his personal computer, including stolen card details and stolen email addresses and passwords related to PayPal accounts in China, the UK, USA, and Germany.

Because of some reasons, the teenager could not be brought to court for a physical hearing and so the district judge adjourned the case till August 18th of this year.

Note- These days law enforcement agencies are launching inquiries about cyber criminals at the international level and so any cyber crook who commits crimes from any part of the world can be nabbed and prosecuted within days or a few months.


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