Tesla Elon Musk to offer satellite based internet that cannot be hacked

Electric Car’s tycoon Elon Musk has announced that any hacker in the world can never hack his Starlink Satellite Internet Service….hmmm atleast with the currently available technological tools.

Musk shared the news on Twitter and added that its SpaceX project of offering internet services through satellite will apparently be available from this year end- provided all goes well with the R&D team.

Elon Musk shared some insights on the project and stated that the company has received over 500,000 preorders for the services and will not face any technical problem if the service requests increase on an exponential note.

If the user range touches the million marks, it is not an issue. But if the demand gets to a billion users, then the $99 deposit will be refundable.

SpaceX Company that manufactures aerospace related vehicles says that the company plans to deploy over 12,000 satellites in total to meet the demand of Starlink Constellation that might cost it little over $10 billion.

Coming to the security of the service, Musk argues that the web services will be beamed directly from the satellite to the home like how dish TV broadcasting took place till a couple of years ago—though the demand has gone down vastly these days for such service. And will be impenetrable by any state funded hackers.

Jeff Bezos the chief of Amazon is also planning to launch similar service dubbed Kuiper Systems Satellite service in coming years. However, the Amazon head is thinking to offer a service that is out of box and will be solely based on satellite to home service.

US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has permitted both Jeff Bezos and Musk to go ahead with the plan of deploying some satellites on the lower earth orbits. However, the permission was granted with a lot of riders that ensure safe and secure service usage by the consumer.

Naveen Goud
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