The Bridge to Zero Trust

No one likes to think their company might be hit by a cyber attack or breach, but the truth is cybercrime is one of the biggest threats your organization can face. If you suffer a breach, the loss of data is only the first of many issues you will be facing. You also have to navigate reputational damage, lost revenue, and the potential for fines and sanctions from regulatory agencies.

This is why governments and organizations around the world are implementing a zero trust security framework to reduce the risk of attacks while protecting resources and data. If you are searching for the tools you need to confidently move to a zero trust model and you’d like to learn about the vital role authentication plays in laying a strong foundation for security, we’d like to invite you to attend a live virtual event:

The Zero Trust Leadership Series Presents: The Bridge to Zero Trust Virtual Event

On Wednesday, March 15, from 11 AM to 2:30 PM ET, security and IT leaders will explore how identity, Zero Trust Authentication, network architecture, and endpoint detection and response technologies combine to thwart cyberattacks. The sessions will be packed with practical insights to help you take zero trust from a concept to a real practice within your organization so you can stay ahead of the attackers and out of the headlines.

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The zero trust information you need now

Experts leading the zero trust charge will focus on:

  • What you need to have a fully scaled zero trust ecosystem
  • The need for Zero Trust Authentication in a security architecture and the current state of zero trust
  • Why identity is crucial in zero trust (according to industry leaders)
  • Tips and best practices you can use to implement zero trust in your organization

Top security experts

We asked ourselves, “What experts would we like to hear from on the topic of zero trust?” Then we went and found them for you.

Chase Cunningham, aka Dr. Zero Trust, will join us and discuss the current state of zero trust. He’ll also look at why identity and access management are the first elements you should modernize as you start your zero trust journey, and how Zero Trust Authentication will help accelerate your journey.

John Masserini, of Tag Cyber, will explore practical approaches to advancing zero trust along with his fellow panelists: Kevin Dana, VP of Information Technology for World Wide Technology; Marcos Christodonte II, Global CISO for CDW; and Allen Jeter, Director of IT for Chainalysis.

Kurt Johnson, Chief Strategy Officer for Beyond Identity, will lead a discussion with technology leaders from Palo Alto Networks, CrowdStrike, BeyondTrust, and World Wide Technology on how continuous signal sharing via integration can close vulnerability gaps and accelerate zero trust.

Bill Hogan, Chief Revenue Officer for Beyond Identity, will lead a discussion with key technology advisors and service players from World Wide Technology, Optiv, and Guidepoint on their security practices. They’ll also discuss recommended steps to advance security posture.

We will also feature speakers from Ping Identity and others. You can view the full agenda here.

Leveling-up your cybersecurity strategy is no longer a wish-list item. Protecting your organization is a priority, and the time to do it is now. Register today to save your spot.


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