The Newspaper Test

This post was originally published here by Dave Rogers.

Does your cybersecurity solution measure up to the “newspaper test?”

We’ve all seen the news headlines about data breaches, malware attacks, and other security debacles at some of the top companies and organizations around the world. How often these incidents occur is increasing due to the lack of security that these organizations are implementing when migrating to the cloud. In our latest report, Kings of the Monster Breaches, we examine some of the biggest breaches that have occurred in the past few years, and the effects that they have had on organizations. Also, here are some additional examples of large companies falling victim to cyberattacks:


$100-Million Marriott Lawsuit

Hackers Hit Atlanta Hawks

Ransomware Strikes Aebi Schmidt

When customer data is compromised, organizations face consequences such as massive fines, decreases in stock price, and, sometimes, they will even lose a portion of their customer bases. Preventing breaches and staying out of the newspaper is critical for any company that wants to survive. Is your companies’ security posture up to the challenge? For many, the answer is unclear.

Fortunately, with the right security tools in place, organizations can confidently make use of the cloud and even enable bring your own device (BYOD) policies without compromising on cybersecurity. With BYOD, employees can work from any device, anywhere, which increases overall efficiency. However, if not properly protected, unmanaged devices or remote locations can be gateways to your organization’s sensitive data.

Bitglass’ CASB (cloud access security broker) has agentless mobile security for managed and unmanaged devices, as well as zero-day threat protection for defending against known and unknown malware. A suite of advanced DLP (data loss prevention) capabilities can prevent data leakage in any app or device. Keep your organization’s data secure, protect against threats, and stay out the newspaper with Bitglass’ CASB.



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