Uber CEO convicted for hiding 2016 data breach

San Francisco Federal Court convicted Joe Sullivan, the Ex- CEO of Uber, for hiding a massive data breach that took place in the year 2016. The statement was pronounced after going through a 4-week long testimony was presented from the side of Mr. Sullivan.

Reliable sources from the court say that Joe presented his version by putting the blame on the other C-Level executives working for the company during his tenure as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

However, the court held the ex-chief of the ride sharing company as a person in-charge of the cyber-attack and for blocking regulators from learning facts about the data leak pertaining to 50 million customers and over 7 million drivers for more than a year or so.

On a personal front, Mr. Sullivan had the background of leading the security arm of Facebook for many months and is a super- expert in IT across Silicon Valley. But the think tank somehow fell prey to the hackers and paid to them a $100,000 reward in Bitcoins to delete the stolen data from their servers. And he also played a wild game of paying the cyber criminals under the disguise of rewarding security researchers for tracking down vulnerabilities.

If the law enforcement agencies follow the verdict, Joe might face 8 years of imprisonment and a penalty ranging in millions. However, his lawyer David Angeli has released a press update that they are going for an appeal to reconsider the sentence, as Joe has shown a dedicated effort throughout his career and has always stayed focused on keeping the company’s user data secure from hackers.

More details will be updated shortly!


Naveen Goud
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