US Department of Homeland Security hacked into Georgia State Government Network


The United States most proficient law enforcement agency named “Homeland Security” has gone against the rules by hacking the network of Georgia State Government. The Department of Homeland Security which must generally look into public security in a responsible way is said to have used its notorious skills to hack the election system of Georgia.

Brian Kemp, the Secretary of Georgia State who always criticized Obama Administration for obsolete policies feels that the attempt could reveal a much bigger conspiracy if probed in the right way by the Donald Trump’s Government,

Reports have flown in that John Roth, the Inspector General for Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is furious over this incident and wants to know why the agency breached the protocol by doing so.

In the meantime, Feds have launched an investigation into why the DHS hacked into the state department and on whose call…?

As per a letter was written by Roth, Kemp’s Office went through a series of attacks which includes ten alleged scanning events of Georgia Secretary of State’s Network that have originated from DHS-affiliated IP Address. However, all those attempts were successfully thwarted by the firewall of Georgia system.

It has to be notified over here that Kemp and former DHS secretary Jeh Johnson had a difference in opinion on treating elections systems as critical infrastructure. Kemp called this move as a political conspiracy to federalize the future election results.

According to our sources, Roth’s investigation has shown that Johnson or a team of his subordinates were the penetrative forces behind the state election system. They took to these steps in order to pressurize a state official over a policy dispute.

If these reports turn into facts, then they could significantly affect the career of Johnson and could tarnish the recently ended Obama administration.

However, close sources to Johnson confirmed that Homeland Security did indulge in such attacks. But the purpose was to test the security weaknesses in a network- all as a precautionary step to foolproof US Elections 2016 in the state of Georgia.

Georgian IT Specialists said that the attacks were launched by a former security contractor attached to Georgian State Department and the truth can only be exposed when he/she decides to go public.

Kemp has officially written to Donald Trump in December 2016 that he should initiate orders to his new Secretary of Homeland Department to conduct a detailed probe into these developments.

More details are awaited!

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