Virgin Media database holding 900,000 customer info exposed to hackers

Virgin Media has admitted publicly that the information related to its 900,000 customers might have been accessed by hackers as the database storing the information was left exposed to hackers for 10 months.


Although the company claims that hackers might not have got the chance to access the data, security experts believe that the time frame of 10 months is enough for hackers and groups to get hold of sensitive data as they are always on the prowl of such information through various means.


News is out that the database which was left exposed due to a human error stored details such as names, email address, phone numbers and contact details of customers.


As the admin level staff failed to follow a data security protocol it is believed that error led to the data exposure between April 2019 to February 27th, 2020.


Lutz Schuler, the CEO of Virgin Media said that the issue was discovered just recently i.e on March 2nd, 2020 and all precautions were taken thereafter to avoid any untoward shortly.


As the database was not hacked and was just left exposed, serious repercussions might not take place said, Schuler.


Note- Virgin Media happens to be a broadband company which is owned by Liberty Global led by John Malone.


Note 2- On March 4th, 2020 a media resource from the UK reported that the database of Virgin Media was accessed once by a third party in the past 10 months. But the extent of access and the damage has to be still accessed.


Note 3- Data related to ‘refer a friend’ might also get exposed in the hack.


Note 4- Virgin Media happens to be a UK based company that offers TV, Broadband and telecom services across Britain. And on contrary to speculations, it is in no way connected to Virgin Mobile of the United States, a business unit of Sprint Corporation.

Naveen Goud
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