Akamai strengthens its mobile security business with Asavie Acquisition


Akamai, the US-based technology services firm has released an official statement yesterday that it is going to acquire the business of Asavie for an undisclosed amount. Trade analysts say that Akamai plans to enhance its mobile security offering with the technology of Asavie and is intending to use it to secure performance and access policies of mobile and connected devices.


Technically, Asavie delivers a secure computing channel for the mobile workforce by creating a server and private network based services that are automated and doesn’t require the need to install and negotiate a client downloaded software.


Akamai is planning to integrate Asavie’s services into its Security and Personalization Services (SPS) product line to cater to the demand for security and management of mobile devices in corporate environments.


“COVID 19 has effected the way how employees work and access their business assets, network security plays a vital role in keeping mobile office assets safe and secure-especially in the 5G era. And that is where our company is good at”, said Ralph Shaw, the CEO of Asavie.


Akamai did not disclose the details of the financial transactions of its latest mobile security acquisition. However, in what is known to Cybersecurity insiders, it is going to be an all-cash transaction and is said to have a material impact on the 2020 financial results.


Note 1- Founded in 1998 as a global Content Delivery Network(CDN), Akamai Technologies is one of the leading multinational companies in Cybersecurity, cloud, and internet security services. Widely known for its servers on lease business, the website offers an exclusive service of delivering and distributing content to users across the world.


Note 2- Tom Leighton, the chief executive officer of Akamai Technologies said in his recent media interaction that his company has observed a stupendous increase in cyberattacks during the Covid 19 Pandemic Shutdown.

Naveen Goud
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