API Security Takes Center Stage: Key Insights from RSA 2023


The RSA Conference 2023 witnessed a surge of interest in API security, with experts and industry leaders focusing on the increasing need to secure APIs and address vulnerabilities. As APIs continue to play a crucial role in connecting applications and data sources, especially in cloud environments, protecting them has become a top priority.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) reported that “Insecure Interfaces and APIs” ranked second among the top threats to cloud computing, as cited in a recent survey of 700 security professionals. This marks a significant rise from its seventh-place position in a similar 2019 survey. The findings echo a report by Aimpoint Group, W2 Research, and CISO Connect, which revealed that 42% of 400 chief information security officers (CISOs) identified API security as their primary concern.

Several vendors showcased their API security solutions at the conference. Cequence Security, a leading company in the field, launched API Spyder, a cutting-edge tool that assesses the vulnerability of a customer’s APIs from an attacker’s viewpoint. The firm has experienced considerable growth in recent years, with many businesses investing heavily in API security following high-profile breaches at organizations like Peloton, Clubhouse, and John Deere.

Another participant, Noname Security, introduced version 3.0 of its API Security Platform, which offers a suite of features aimed at helping security teams manage APIs with the highest security standards. Meanwhile, Salt Security, a competitor in the space, highlighted its API Protection Platform’s new advanced threat detection capabilities and enhanced API discovery features. The company’s platform has gained recognition in the industry, earning it the coveted tech unicorn status after securing $140 million in Series D funding in February 2022.

Emerging startups like Traceable AI are also making waves in the sector, with the two-year-old company recently securing $60 million in Series B funding for its API security tracking solution. As the demand for robust API protection grows, investors are expected to show continued interest in API security startups.

The RSA Conference 2023 highlighted the industry’s mounting focus on API security as organizations strive to protect their applications and data from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Notable API Security Vendors

In today’s digital landscape, APIs have become crucial components of modern applications, facilitating seamless integration and communication between various services. As a result, securing APIs has emerged as a critical aspect of ensuring data privacy and system stability. To help you navigate the API security space, we’ve compiled a list of notable API security vendors, each offering unique solutions to protect your organization’s APIs.

  1. Cequence Security
    Cequence Security offers an AI-powered Unified API Protection (UAP) solution, which helps organizations discover all APIs and ensure compliance with industry and government regulations while detecting and preventing automated attacks in real-time. Cequence Security’s approach to API security has garnered significant attention, including strategic investments from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Prosperity7 Ventures. Website: https://www.cequence.ai/
  2. Noname Security
    Noname Security’s API Security Platform provides organizations with a comprehensive solution to protect their APIs. Its platform includes a range of features that help security teams manage APIs while ensuring top security. Version 3.0 of the platform brings added functionality to secure APIs effectively. Website: https://www.nonamesecurity.com/
  3. Salt Security
    Salt Security’s API Protection Platform leverages patented AI algorithms to provide advanced threat detection capabilities and improved API discovery. The platform focuses on delivering insights that distinguish API changes from API attacks, reducing false positives and accurately identifying true positives. Website: https://salt.security/
  4. Traceable AI
    Traceable AI is an emerging startup that offers an API security tracking solution. The company’s platform helps businesses monitor their API usage and detect potential security vulnerabilities, attracting significant investor interest, including $60 million in Series B funding. Website: https://traceable.ai/
  5. Akamai
    Akamai is a global content delivery network, cybersecurity, and cloud service company that provides API Gateway services. Their API Gateway secures, manages, and scales APIs with features like caching, logging, request/response transformation, and authentication. Website: https://www.akamai.com/
  6. Okta
    Okta is an identity and access management company that offers API Access Management, enabling organizations to securely manage access to APIs. Okta’s platform helps developers build secure, scalable, and user-friendly applications by providing centralized access control and management for APIs. Website: https://www.okta.com/
  7. 42Crunch
    42Crunch offers an API security platform focused on securing APIs throughout the entire API lifecycle. The platform provides features like auditing, compliance monitoring, and threat protection. It allows organizations to implement security measures during the development process and maintain security across their API ecosystem. Website: https://www.42crunch.com/
  8. Imperva
    Imperva is a cybersecurity company that provides API security solutions through its API Security product. Imperva’s solution secures APIs with features such as API discovery, threat protection, and compliance monitoring. The platform integrates with existing DevOps workflows and protects against various API attacks. Website: https://www.imperva.com/
  9. Data Theorem
    Data Theorem offers API security solutions that focus on protecting mobile, web, and API-based applications. The company’s API Discover and API Inspect products help organizations discover, analyze, and secure their APIs in real-time. Data Theorem’s platform is designed to identify and remediate potential security risks. Website: https://www.datatheorem.com/
  10. APIsec
    APIsec offers an innovative API security testing platform designed to identify vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with industry and government regulations. Their solution focuses on automating security testing, integrating seamlessly into the development process, and continuously monitoring APIs in production. With a robust range of features and advanced analytics, APIsec enables organizations to detect and prevent potential security breaches effectively. Learn more about APIsec’s unique approach to API security at https://www.apisec.ai/.
  11. Neosec
    Neosec is an API security provider specializing in discovering, securing, and monitoring APIs throughout their lifecycle. Their platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze API traffic, identify vulnerabilities, and detect potential threats in real-time. Neosec’s solution emphasizes the importance of visibility and control, allowing security teams to manage and protect APIs with ease. To find out how Neosec is redefining API security, visit their website at https://www.neosec.ai/
  12. Wallarm
    Wallarm is a leading API security vendor that offers a comprehensive platform for protecting APIs from a wide range of threats. Their solution leverages machine learning and advanced algorithms to automatically detect vulnerabilities and secure API endpoints. With a focus on real-time monitoring, automated threat detection, and seamless integration into existing infrastructure, Wallarm enables organizations to strengthen their API security posture effectively. Discover more about Wallarm’s innovative approach to API protection at https://www.wallarm.com/.
  13. Apigee
    Apigee, a part of Google Cloud, is a well-established API management and security platform that helps organizations design, secure, and scale APIs. Apigee provides a range of tools and features to ensure secure API development, deployment, and monitoring. With robust security measures, including API authentication, access control, and threat protection, Apigee empowers businesses to build and maintain secure APIs in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Learn more about Apigee’s comprehensive API security offerings at https://cloud.google.com/apigee/.

In conclusion, the growing prominence of API security in the industry, as demonstrated by the recent announcements and developments at RSA 2023, highlights the urgent need for businesses to prioritize protecting their APIs. As cyber threats evolve and become more sophisticated, investing in robust API security solutions will be essential for organizations to safeguard their applications and sensitive data. By staying informed about the latest API security trends and leveraging the expertise of leading vendors in the space, businesses can proactively fortify their defenses and navigate the digital landscape with confidence.


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