Apple iCloud leaks photos of British Athletes without clothes

An Apple iCloud leak is said to have leaked intimate photos and videos of British Athletes, out of which 100 pictures were related to a female athlete without clothes. Why that athlete took pictures of her body without clothes and stored them on a cloud platform remains a big mystery.

However, all the leaked photos & videos of the British athletes are available on the dark web and on some X rated websites.

But the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), a cyber arm of UK’s GCHQ has issued a statement early today saying that anyone who accesses personal data of others unauthorized will be treated as a criminal and is urging all online users to secure their accounts with a secure password

NCSC is also urging online users to use two factor authentication and is advising people to use a strong password that consists alpha-numeric characters tucked with 1-2 special characters

Apple has released no press statement on this matter as authorities are still probing the incident.

NOTE 1- The information leak news of British Athletes comes just a day after the cyber attack news leak on British UK Football Club Manchester United.

NOTE 2- All you smart phone users out there, please do not configure our phone settings in such a way that it automatically backs up all your data to the cloud. As this will help in keeping your intimate moments out of reach of cyber criminals.

Naveen Goud
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