Apple iCloud leaks photos of British Athletes without clothes

An Apple iCloud leak is said to have leaked intimate photos and videos of British Athletes, out of which 100 pictures were related to a female athlete without clothes. Why that athlete took pictures of her body without clothes and stored them on a cloud platform remains a big mystery. However, all the leaked photos […]

These Cybersecurity issues can expose your personal data to cyber attacks

As our dependence on computing devices is growing day by day, so are the issues related to cybersecurity. So, with much of our personal lives being stored on devices, simple browsing on an occasional note or enabling certain smartphone settings might leave our data vulnerable to hackers. The only way to ensure that the data […]

Apple launches new privacy portal to abide European GDPR Rules

Apple Inc has launched a new privacy portal which will help its device users to know what info Apple has collected on them to date. The action is said to be a response to upcoming GDPR rules in Europe. As of now, the service will be available to only European Users. But in near future, […]

Apple fixes 911 cyber attack bug and warns iCloud users of fake calls

Apple which released the latest version of iOS 10.3 has included new features and bug fixes in it which solve the notorious cyber attack bug on 911 emergency call centers. The company has also warned all iCloud account users not to fall prey to fraudsters who are scamming individuals to skim money. In October last […]

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