Australia faces 10 million Cyber Attacks a year says Deloitte

    Deloitte Consulting Services which offers studies related to professional services has announced that Australia is facing over 10 million cyber attacks per year. The firm also anticipated that the attacks such as DDoS could triple or quadruple in next 12 months making it harder for businesses to mitigate the risks.

    “Till a few years ago, a skilled programmer was required to launch a Distributed Denial of Service attack on a network. But the said situation will revolutionize on a larger scale in coming days. As the instructions and source code is available freely online, it makes it easier for hackers to launch such attacks without much technical knowledge”, said Stuart Scotis, Spokesperson from Deloitte Consulting Services.

    So, Deloitte predicts the year 2017 will witness hackers tentatively targeting ‘Internet of Things’ in a way to launch malicious attacks.

    Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Turnbull called cyber security as the “new frontier for warfare”. Speaking at a meeting at the Australian Signals Directorate in Canberra, Turnbull’s intention were clear as he wanted to stress on the fact that in near future nations will fight against each other in the virtual world of web, rather than in the physical world.

    Perhaps, the words of the Australian Prime Minister’s wanted to directly hint us against Russia which tried to influence the US 2016 Polls in favor of US President Donald Trump.

    Therefore, Turnbull called for more to be done to augment alertness around the risk of cyber attacks and the best ways to militate against the risk. He added that Awareness and Education can truly help in preventing all such attacks in future.

    Turnbull feels that the media is already actively playing its part in achieving it. And so, now is the time for the CIOs, CTOs and the consultants to act.


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    Naveen Goud
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