Australian Clinical Labs data leaked through data breach

Australian Clinical Labs has made an official statement that it was targeted by a sophisticated cyber attack almost 8 months ago and now the stolen data is being sold on the dark web. In what appears to be an apparent ransomware attack, information is out that data of over 223,000 people were accessed and stolen by the hackers in the incident.

Medlab that is a subsidiary of ACL, was deeply affected by the attack as details related to customers and staff members were stolen in the incident.

Source reporting to our Cybersecurity Insiders claims details related to 17,500 medical and health records related to medical tests; about 29,000 credit card numbers and 3,375 CCV numbers were accessed by the cyber crooks, apart from the records related to over 128,700 individuals related to Medicare.

The New South Wales-based company is busy contacting the impacted individuals and has set up a crisis hotline number 1800 433 980 to help concerned MedLab’s individuals.

What’s surprising about the incident is the fact that ACL’s IT staff learnt about the unauthorized data access in February this year. But assumed that there was no data steal and so kept silent over the issue. It was when the information appeared on the dark web that they realized the hack and reported the incident to the law enforcement and the forensic experts.

NOTE- Australian companies are being constantly targeted with sophisticated digital attacks since May this year. And in most cases, Russia’s Killnet hacking group is suspected to be involved, as the Federal government under the leadership of Anthony Albanese is supporting Ukraine by supplying essentials, ammunition, and to a certain extent finances to fight its battle with Kremlin.


Naveen Goud
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