Best cloud security certifications to make a great career

To all those who would like to seek a brilliant career in cloud security, here’s a knowledge-share on what they need to pursue to keep their salary bells ringing with glory.

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge- Shortly known as CCSK, this certification acts as a stepping stone for a great career in cloud security as it covers topics such as basic security knowledge in the cloud architecture and data security, management identification and access management and such. Cloud Security Alliance offers this course and exam certification for $415 in a test form that includes 60 multiple-choice questions. Having a computer certification at Post Graduate level makes sense. However, those with other IT backgrounds can also choose these certifications if they are looking for a career change. Salary expectation- $230,000- $290,000 as a min annual pay.

CompTIA Cloud +- This certification offered by CompTIA covers all topics and concepts required for basic cloud approaches. But it is better if someone with a computer background seeks this certification that comes for a $338 per exam. Salary expectation- $230,000 -$250,000 as a min annual pay.

Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)- ISC² offers the CCSP certification and for an annual fees of $136 and the exam at the cost of $612. Those with an IT background and some knowledge about Infosec can pursue the course and exam. Salary expectation- $230,000 as a min annual pay.

GIAC Cloud Security Automation (GCSA)- This certification is pursued by only a few as most of the IT professionals in the cloud field know little about how the certification helps in accelerating their career. SANs Institute offers Cloud Security and DevSecOps Automation training in continuous integration and continuous delivery of cloud apps on AWS and Azure platforms. And the cost of the exam is $2000 that requires 75 questions to answer. Salary expectation- $210,000 as a min annual pay.

Azure Security Engineer Associate (ASEA)- Microsoft offers this certification that educates a professional to become an expert in implementing security controls and threat protection tools on Azure cloud platform. Passing Microsoft Exam AZ-500 is important to pursue ASEA and the cost of exam is $170 that is offered in a test format of 40-60 multiple-choice questions. Salary expectation- $150,000- $190,000 as a min annual pay.

Amazon AWS Certified Security- Having a 2-3 years Amazon Web Services experience is necessary to pursue the AWS Certified Security course. And you can pass the course after writing a $310 exam that has a test format of 60-70 multiple-choice questions. Salary expectation- $180,000 as a min annual pay.

Google offers a Cloud Security Engineer certification that must be pursued only by those who have at least 2 years of Google Cloud experience and 3 years of knowledge in IT industry. The exam cost is at $200 and will be offered in a test format of 50 multiple-choice questions. Salary expectation- $170,000 as a min annual pay.

Kubernetes Security Specialist Certification is offered by Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the cost of the exam is $375. The test format involves a performance test that needs to be solved in command prompt running on Kubernetes. A Certified Kubernetes Administrator certificate is a prerequisite to pursue this course, and not that easy to pass this hurdle. Salary expectation- $290,000 as a min annual pay.

Note- Minimum Salary specified in the article are subjected to change with time and is solely based on the experience, educational qualification, demand for talent, available talent pool, job profile and last but not the least the company that has put the job offer.

Naveen Goud
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