Critical US Navy information spilled in Cyber Attack

Cyber criminals have succeeded in gaining access to the social security numbers and other sensitive information of more than 134,000 US navy personnel’s. The data leak took place when a cyber attack was launched on a laptop of an employee of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise who was working as a navy contractor.

The Navy has admitted that sensitive information was spilled in this cyber crime and the repercussion might take some time.

In a press statement released on late Wednesday this week, the info was leaked to an unknown individual whose identity is yet to be determined. The Navy, however, said that this individual might not be a worker for a state-sponsored attack.

But the media is labeling this cyber attack as a serious concern. The details leaked out in this attack can be used against the nation at some point in time in future.

As per the preliminary inquiry, the data leak happened at the Career Appoints Database which is mainly used to submit re-enlistment and occupation requests. Currently, there is no evidence that the leaked information was used by any person on the web. But HP Enterprise is not taking this issue lightly and has already announced that it will severely punish the offenders if any of the insiders are found guilty.

The data breach took place on October 27th, 2016 and HP Enterprise informed it to the Navy on the same day through proper channel. Navy immediately asked for a report from the Navy Contractor and is said to have launched an inquisition.

If we go into the records, there were 61 cyber attacks on the government/military sector which compromised the records of around 12.9 million people.

And if we go into comparison, the largest data breach this year has occurred in Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement where hackers succeeded in getting an access to more than 5 million people through a breach.

More details are awaited!

Naveen Goud
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