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1.) Samsung has issued a public statement that it treats the data generated by its customers as a state secret and protects it with chip-level security to safeguard sensitive information.

Reacting to the news on the government spyware like NSO Group Pegasus and Android affecting Hermit malware, the Mobile Giant of Korea said that it offers a firm commitment to safeguarding the personal and sensitive information of its users.

As a part of this commitment, Samsung developed a TEEGRIS operating system for security that allows partners to use hardware cryptography, encryption, and access controls for users to have a more secure experience.

2.) British Insurance firm AON has disclosed that a database of its customers was exposed to hackers for a reasonable amount of time, say one year. And so, data of about 145,889 North American customers could have been exposed.

The information exposed in the incident includes social security numbers, driving license numbers, and enrollment benefit details that can be accounted to be Personally Identifiable Information.

Interestingly, the IT staff of the Financial firm could not detect the unauthorized intrusion as it was taking place from Dec’2020 to February 2022.

3.) Hackers defaced Disneyland’s Instagram and Facebook accounts last week as he/she tried to fill the pages with racist and ho%^phobic posts. A hacker named “Super Hacker” claimed to have taken control of the account before defacing the account with objectionable photos.

The hacker also posted some objectionable texts by claiming to have invented COVID-19 and is said to be working on COVID 20 virus.

Law enforcement has launched an investigation on this note and an official complaint has been lodged on Instagram through the proper channel.

4.) Russia has denied media reports that the Kremlin was behind the hack of Rogers Communications, which experienced a wide-scale internet and mobile service disruption across Canada on July 8th,2022.

Canada’s Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino issued a warning that the critical infrastructure of the country was on the verge of being cyber attacked by Russia as it was supporting Ukraine financially and politically at NATO.


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